Annual Plan

Co-curricular Activities

Science Olympiad Foundation

Olympiads are conducted in our school to promote the study STEM subjects. It helps the students to prepare for the competitive exams. All the students from 1st to 10th standards are encouraged to participate.

Spell Bee

Spell Bee allows the children to develop range of cognitive skills and it also gives them a opportunity to work towards a positive goal. It also helps them improve their spelling and vocabulary.

JCI Excell

JCI Excell conducts state level GK exam in Tamil Nadu. This exam enriches the students General Knowledge which is essential to face competitive exams in their future endeavours

Club Activities

Club activities are integrated with the respective subjects making it more interesting and fun.

Math & Cyber Club

Math club encourages in critical thinking, problem solving etc. Their activities include Puzzles, Games, Quiz, day to day application methods etc. Cyber club acts as platform for computer enthusiasts. Its activities include Networking, Multimedia, Presentation, Computer Programming etc.

Literary Club

Literary club is where students learn to use English, Tamil and Hindi in casual settings. It helps them in improving their communication skills, builds confidence and comfort in the chosen language. The activities include debates, group discussion, speech, language puzzles & games etc

Science Club

Its main function is to make Science fun to learn. Children like science which allows them to perform hands on experiments. Science club conducts programs like exhibition, project work, farm activities, field trips etc