Welcome To Noyyal Public School

Noyyal Public School is located at a place surrounded by nature and provides a serene environment for the children to learn and enjoy. We focus on providing quality education to the children of diverse, socio-economic background. Our motto is to prepare the children to become responsible citizens as well as make them morally and ethically responsible leaders to take our great nation forward. Noyyal exposes the students to the diverse opportunities available to pursue higher education and shape their careers. One of our fundamental objectives is bring out the potentials embedded in them by designing and adopting innovative curricular and extra-curricular activities such as sports, dance & music, karate, chess, arts and crafts etc. We catalyze them to acquire out-of-box and lateral thinking. We guide our teachers to adhere to the value “Kids don’t always remember what you teach them, they remember what you are”. The ultimate outcome of all our efforts is that the students of Noyyal Public School will be enriched with holistic personality and will have the high degree of confidence to face the challenges of 21st century.


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